The decline and rise of KIngthorpe Manor Farm

The house has origins at the beginning of the English Civil War, when it was just a 2 room hovel. It was neglected for 100s of years, and had not had any real money spent on it since the 18th century when it was largely remodelled to the Georgian style of the day, and became accommodation for guests hunting in the Limewoods. Evidence of both original and Georgian styles are evident in our conservation of this modest house.

As members of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, we understand the pitfalls that can be encountered when conserving and restoring our built heritage, especially their need to 'breathe', and to use traditional techniques for damp control. The house at Kingthorpe Manor Farm was typical of a house that could have been destroyed by applying modern materials and techniques to its conservation through ignorance.

This page shows how we conserved and restored the house using traditional materials and techniques, as well as using reclaimed materials from architectural salvage yards.

We have a passion for traditionally constructed buildings, and have worked on properties mainly in England, including a railway station, windmill and terraced 17thC cottage, both Grade II listed, but also a 17thC dwelling in Mayenne, France.

If you would like advice on your own project, we would only be too pleased to assist. Our fees are as low as 30 per hour, with a minimum of a 4 hour consultation. A small price which could save a fortune. Please contact us by telephone or email Patrick;

This was a view of the house looking toward the west. It doesn't look too delapidated, but was seriously subsiding due to the close proximity of trees and neglect.A view of the house, post conservation can be seen on our homepage.

These photographs give an idea of the condition of the house, prior to the conservation and restoration work beginning.

Little was remaining of the original door and doorcase, but enough 'clues' were available to produce a faithfull restoration.

The fireplace here is a combination of Victorian slate and 50's tiles......we used original mouldings to interpret the surround now installed.

Take a look at the images of the conservation and restoration work we carried out on the other pages on this site.