Reducing our Carbon Footprint.....

At Kingthorpe Manor Farm, we are actively involved in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, as well as producing as much of our own food and drink as possible.

As Ex-Chairman of the 'Lincolnshire Smallholders and Self Sufficiency Club', ,I can offer advice on why Lincolnshire is an excellent county for prospective smallholders.....come and stay with us, and learn all about it, while you search for prospective properties!

We have a Gasifying Log Boiler, which is fuelled with coppiced firewood from the surrounding woodlands,as well as waste timber from a local sawmill, which would be destined for landfill.This supplies us with central heating and hot water. The system is fitted with a Solar Coil, which will harvest the sun's free energy, and further supplement our heating.

We have planted a small woodland, Little Wood' with native hardwood trees, which whilst creating a wildlife habitat, will also supply wood fuel, and is where our 'self sufficient' holiday Shepherd's Hut is.

We have installed a Rainwater Harvesting system, which collects rainwater falling on our roof, filters it and is then used to flush our wc's.

We are restoring 2 ancient wells, which will supply us with water for irrigation of our food crops, and possibly drinking water.

We are currently carrying out tests, using simple electronic equipment, to assess the feasibility of a Wind Turbine, and Solar Photovoltaic Panels to provide grid connected electricity.This will take advantage of the Government's recently announced 'feed in tariffs',for the microgeneration of electricity.

Our solar photo-voltaic system is now successfully installed, and generating electricity for us and the National Grid, making use of the FIT's [feed in tariffs] and generating income for Kingthorpe Manor Farm, and also helping to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and alleviate the demand for finite fossil fuels.

We have a Biodigester which converts all soil waste from the house into clear water, through a natural watercourse.

Here is the latest arrival.......our composting, fully portable, 'Kompost Khazi'.........

Using organic growing methods, we produce approximately 80% of our fruit and vegetables.

We have a flock of free range woodland hens, providing us with fresh eggs, as well as other livestock which supplement our food supply. These include ducks. geese, and goats.