Premium British logs split, cut and ready to keep you warm........

We now stock kiln dried hardwood logs, in handy bags, from our friends at Certainly Wood.......4 a bag collected from here, and an free extra bag if you buy 5.

Using wood to heat our homes and water is becoming more and more popular.

Wood as a fuel is completely sustainable and carbon neutral, meaning that it does not harm our environment, and if managed wisely the supply will never run out.
Fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas are being continually depleted and harming our atmosphere when burnt.

We need to look after our Earth and safeguard it for our children, and their children.

The demand for firewood has grown exponentially in recent years, and sourcing quality fuel is becoming increasingly more difficult. There is much misinformation about what is suitable firewood, but essentially it should be dry enough to burn safely and efficiently, giving off maximum heat and not causing problems with the precipitation of tars in your flue which can lead to a disasterous fire in your chimney, an ever increasing problem.........

Remember for safety reasons, always have your chimney swept at least once a year. It is not expensive and can save you a lot of heartache.

The central heating system here at Kingthorpe Manor Farm uses a gasifying log boiler, so we are totally dependent on quality firewood and we fully understand the importance of using the correct wood fuel. The fuel you buy from us is, quite simply, as good as it gets!

Please ring Patrick on 07775 927916 or email