Two enviromentally friendly self catering dwellings.........

In our lower pasture we have 2 'Eco Huts', which are secluded, and what is more they are FAB!

'Willow' looking towards the old barn and milking parlour ruin, with some pictures of the interiors below. As guests say, "they don't really do The Huts justice", so come and see for yourself!

The Huts are self catering, and each is fully equipped for 2 persons, There is space for small children also, but you will need to bring any necessary extra bedding, etc, or maybe sleeping bags and a tent for an outside adventure! There is no extra charge for children. The Huts are ideally situated beyond the barn ruins. The price is 40 per night, with a minimum 2 night stay, and if you stay for 7 nights, you get 1 of those nights for free!

Wooden cabins with enviromentally friendly insulation, built from the only sustainable building material; timber. Plenty of space at 4 metres x 5 metres, and a full size double bed, beautiful, recycled leather sofa, a lovely hand crafted wood burning stove, by The Windy Smithy in Devon, which will keep you nice and cosy all night long, solar power for your electricity, including an electric cool box and a sink.
There is a clear 'Sky Dome' in the roof, individually designed by us, so you can see the heavens from the comfort of your bed! Lincolnshire is famous for it's 'Big Skies', and with zero light pollution, lots to see at night as well....... Outside there is a recycled fire pit, rusted iron gazebo, double hammocks, and barbecue.
If you don't want to cook on the wood stove in your Hut or have a BBQ, then you can now use our super efficient 'Rocket Stove', which is situated in between the Huts, and is shown below.

A view looking to the rusted iron gazebo, and The Eco Huts.....

Shower facilities and toilet are in the main house, plus our newly completed 'Bath and Shower in the Ruins', see the dedicated web page, where you can bathe and shower under the Lincolnshire Sky in complete privacy!
Your water is heated by an outside recycled wood stove and the heat from the sun, and is right on your doorstep....
There is now an eco-friendly composting toilet near The Huts, the 'Kompost Khazi', which saves water and fertiliser, because you are not flushing away one resource [fertiliser] with another [pure drinking water].

The Kompost Khazi is also fully portable, and made out of 'found materials', with solar lighting and full hand wash facilities.

A trug of logs is supplied in each Hut and further logs are available, if you need them, for 4 per bag. These are stored in our rescued World War II Andersen Shelter; 'Rosina' an 'Essex Girl'!

Guests need to bring their own towels, including one for drying dishes.
The Eco Huts are fully equipped with all the crockery, cutlery, torches, candle lamps and all the cookware you will need for 2 persons.
There is also a wood fired 'ghillie kettle' outside for making a cuppa.

Bookings now being; 01673 857290/07775 927916 or email; for availability.

The Eco Huts are in a very pleasant, quiet area of Kingthorpe Manor Farm, with dedicated car park. They are situated just yards apart, with sufficient privacy from your neighbour, yet handy for a family booking both Huts, so that parents can keep an eye on children, if they are staying in a separate Hut.

Please note, we do not charge any extra for children, but you will need to bring extra bed linen, and crockery.