'Dorothy' is our Cool, Vintage 2-4 Berth Lincolnshire Caravan

Our latest arrival is an expertly restored British Classic, a hand crafted 1972 'Carlight Continental Caravan', and considered by those that know to be the 'King of Kings', a Rolls Royce amongst caravans. It is featured in the inspirational guide to retro-style caravans, 'My Cool Caravan' by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, and is now available to stay in at Kingthorpe Manor Farm.

She has been beautifully restored by the original manufacturers, and boasts every luxury, including heating, electric hob cooker with 2 hot plates, fridge, running water, 12 volt lighting and 240 volt power supply, she even has her own secret cocktail cabinet. Don't worry we'll let you into the secret!

'Dorothy' is ideal for 2-4 persons, and can be made up for sleeping, to be either 1 double bed, 2 double beds, or 1 double and 1 twin, and is fully equipped with everything you might need, fluffy quilts, even Egyptian cotton bed linen. You just need to bring towels, food and drink.

If you are visiting as a family, there is ample space next to 'Dorothy' to pitch a tent. So parents can have peace at night, and the children can have a Midnight Feast! We have a two person tent plus sleeping mats you can use for free, just bring a couple of sleeping bags. If you have more than two children, just let us know, and we can work something out.

Just like our Huts she is available for a minimum stay of 2 nights, but you can, of course, stay as long as you wish, even take advantage of staying 7 nights and receive one of those nights for free. Cost per night is £55.

There is outside seating, as well as a fire pit and BBQ. Also there is access to all the shared facilities of our Huts, like the gazebo, outside bath and shower, and the fab compostting toilet, the 'Kompost Khazi'.

There are also full toilet facilities in the House.