Hott Hutt

Our Woodland Wood-fired Sauna

In 2005, the old run down hen house, shown below in the first picture, was towed onto a half acre grassed area that we were planting with mixed, native, deciduous saplings. The old hut was neglected, and gradually the woodwork deteriorated, the cast iron wheels, however, barely changed! In 2018, I became a carer for a close friend, and sought a ‘project’ for my mental wellness. I decided to give the old wheeled hen house a new life, maintaining it’s Lincolnshire vernacular and origins. Over the two year period, to now, I created ‘Hott Hutt’. It is loosely based on an idea I discovered in Finland, where saunas were invented, and where I visited as a student. It works in the same way, but is fuelled by a renovated wood stove, heated by local, sustainable, kiln dried, softwood offcuts. You can even experience the invigorating ‘cold water dump’, if you are brave enough! There is an outside rest area to relax and cool off, with fire-pit and BBQ griddle, and a delightful fairy light walk to lead you there………

‘Hott Hutt’ is available for hire;

Resident guests £20 per 4 hour session.

Non resident guests £40 per 4 hour session

Plenty of room for up to 6 friends, family and guests to enjoy, and improve their mental and physical wellness 😊