Things to do

Hott Hutt

Unwind in our woodland sauna. It uses a wood stove, heated by local, sustainable, kiln dried, softwood offcuts. You can even experience the invigorating ‘cold water dump’, if you’re brave.
Hott Hutt can be hired for £20 per session (as long as you want) for resident guests or £40 for non residents, with plenty of room for about 6 people.

Pizza Oven

Have a fun pizza night with your friends and family, using our wood-fired pizza oven. Who will make the best pizza? We sell our own homemade, fantastic pizza dough, so all you’ll need are your toppings to make a fantastic meal.

Bath in The Ruins

Take a soak in our solar heated outside bath, in The Ruins.

Farm Shop

You can buy a range of food and drink from us, all produced on site including apple juice from our orchard, eggs from our free-range hens and more.

Little Wood

Enjoy a walk through our young woodland, a magical short trail illuminated with solar powered fairy lights. The woodland has attracted a diverse variety of flora and fauna, as well as home for the latest flock of rescue hens, the ‘Brighton Belles’.

Fire Pits

We have plenty of fire pits on site, perfect for warming up after a day exploring the countryside and barbecues.
Youngsters can try their hand at Den Building with one of our kits, a hideaway safe from adults!

Meet the animals…

Say hello to our goats, ‘Fifi and Freddie’, hens, ducklings, ‘Lola’, the rescue dog and fetcher of sticks, ‘Woody’, the Norwegian Forest Cat and our geese – ‘Gilbert & George’.